Scientific Payloads

"Ex astris, scientia""From the stars, knowledge"

Memory Degradation Experiment - MDE

The Memory Degradation Experiment (MDE) is one of the two scientific payloads that will fly on EagleSat 2.

Space is a hostile environment for computers and the memory that enables computation and storage of data. MDE seeks to learn more about this problem by creating an error-rate data set on five types of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) computer memories.

  • Five Memory Types

  • Commercial-off-the-Shelf Products

  • Comprehensive Comparable Data

Cosmic Ray Payload - CRP

The Cosmic Ray Payload (CRP) is the second scientific payload on EagleSat 2.

Every second of every day Earth is bombarded by high energy particles originating outside our solar system. The CRP seeks to learn more about these particles and where they come from.

The CRP utilizes an array of CMOS sensors to calculate the energy and origin of every particle that hits EagleSat 2.

  • Eight Sensors

  • Detect Particle Energy

  • Find Particle Origin

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