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    2020 - 2021 Presidents Report

    April 24| 3:34pm

    SGA COVID-19 Update

    Esteemed Students,

    My name is Melea K. Tucker, I am entering my senior year majoring in Global Security and Intelligence Studies. This past 2019-2020 year I previously served as the SGA Vice-President and am now serving as your SGA President for the 2020-2021 year. As I write this email during the difficult time of COVID-19, I want to first compliment how resilient and strong all of you are. We have faced many troubling times during the midst of this unprecedented event, and I want to thank you all for hanging in there. Furthermore, I want to thank you all for relying on your SGA to be your voice even when times may not seem so bright. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, SGA has been working nonstop to make sure student voices are being heard. It is with this fiery spirit from you all that I know we will make it through these times and come back stronger than ever before.

    In the recent email sent out by University Communications on 23 April, The Department of Education is offering emergency government financial aid grants available to help students financially recover from COVID-19 (note nothing is fully guaranteed) through the CARES Act. Students must apply through Embry-Riddle for the government funds. On top of this resource offered by the school, I have also added information on the “Eagle Care Student Emergency Assistance Fund”, this fund can help students in ways like transportation and travel cost, unanticipated health and wellness needs, and other financial challenges.

    Your next SGA council for your 2020-2021 school year has been very active and more than excited to serve the student body this upcoming year. Your new SGA Vice-President, Timmy Casnellie, has been constructing a virtual video on behalf of the 2020-2021 SGA Council, please be on the lookout for that. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please direct your questions temporarily to the emails listed below.

    I look forward to seeing you all in the fall, please remember to stay safe and good luck on finals everyone. Thank you.

    August 7th| 12:41pm

    Discrimination Statement

    Esteemed Students, Faculty, and Staff,

    As your elected Student Government 2020-2021, we are more than excited to come back to Prescott for Fall 2020. This year isn’t going to be easy by no means. As your SGA, we understand the uncertainty and change that each one of us will face this coming up semester. However, we want to start off the school year with the most important statement our students need to hear. We feel it imperative to address the realities of today’s world by reinforcing our student stance on discrimination of any kind on the Prescott campus. We are reinforcing the fact of standing against discriminatory language, behaviors, and actions is who we are as ERAU Students. The council came together over the summer to develop a three-step plan to address what we can control: our campus climate as students.

    1. The first step is written above stating a clear and concise statement reinforcing discriminatory language, behaviors, and actions will NOT be welcomed on our campus.

    2. The second step, for the first time ever, SGA will be publicly publishing a student resolution legislation that all members of your SGA Council will sign and take an oath to take a stand against discriminatory language, behaviors, and actions. In addition to our resolution, all students, staff, and faculty will have the opportunity to sign the resolution as a symbol of one ERAU body standing up for what is right. Once the resolution is published, more details on how you can sign the resolution will be explained.

    3. As a council we have thought long and hard about what kind of action our campus needs to better our community. We have decided to launch and implement The Compassion Initiative. This initiative is to provide and strive for more inclusiveness, respectful conversations, and change for social injustices. The ultimate mission is to strive for a campus community that is understanding, open-minded to knowledge, and comes together with compassion for all. SGA will be starting a Compassion Initiative Committee that will be primarily focused on executing the missions of this initiative. We know we cannot do this alone; we are calling for any student, club, or organization to weigh in on collaborating together to help achieve these goals. Not one organization should decide what the community needs as a whole. We must start with collaboration and move into what our campus needs in a unified front. More information about how you or your club can be a part of the Compassion Initiative will be released before school begins.

    The SGA Office will continue to be a place where all are welcome (while still observing appropriate social distancing and other safety expectations) and a haven where those who feel the need to voice their concerns are welcome to do so. Your SGA Council is here for you, and all of your compatriots. Moving forward, SGA will be open to working with other departments on campus in this effort to create an all-inclusive environment for our students. Together, we will move forward through this changing and turbulent world.

    In addition to our three-step plan, as a council, we are interested in moving forward with more diverse events where these educated discussions can happen. Not only are we looking to hold ourselves accountable, but we are looking to create spaces of open dialogue with your SGA representatives.

    Through it all, your Student Government Association stands with you the Prescott students. An updated email will be sent out to students showing the official resolution signed and passed by the SGA legislative body. Also, keep on a look out for more information about how you and/or your club can be a part of The Compassion Initiative.