Our Past

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EagleSat 1

Launched in November 2017, EagleSat 1's mission was to track the orbital decay of a small mass. It took five years to turn the idea to evolve into an actual satellite.

To the right is the mission patch from its launch on ELaNa XIV.

Our Future

EagleSat 2 Launch

We have been assigned SpX-21 by Nanoracks, our launch provider, which will be launching from Cape Canaveral this December. As such, we have until early September to complete our satellite and deliver it to NASA.

EagleSat 2 Mission Operations

This is currently in development with the Systems team. It will consist of past members of CRP, MDE, OBC, ADCS, and especially Communications. We are in the process of building a ground station to communicate with the satellite after is is launched.

EagleSat 3

EageSat 3 will be the successor to EagleSat 2. It is currently in a system development phase where the members are writing requirements for the satellite. The satellite will be hosting the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory experiment.