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The ERAU Collegiate Section of Society of Women Engineers is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to the equal opportunity of women in the engineering workplace, as well as promoting the study of engineering! SWE, at the national level, was founded in 1950 and has since become a great opportunity to network with professionals, attend conferences, participate in outreach events, develop leadership skills, and to socialize with other women in engineering. At ERAU, we strive to uphold the same guiding principles. SWE at ERAU offers many social, professional development, and outreach events throughout the year; whether trying to make friends, establish a successful career, help the community, or all three. SWE has something for everyone! For more information, please check out SWE at ERAU on Facebook, and Instagram, and head over to the official website for information about the national organization.










The national SWE organization holds the the world's largest conference and career fair for women engineers and technology, including 300+ companies in attendance and 500 development workshops. SWE at ERAU also holds workshops that help students prepare for the workforce!

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With the assistance of the top engineering companies, SWE at ERAU works with local K-12 schools through conducting lab experiments.


SWE holds free social events that allow you to connect with other female engineers on campus! Build connects and discover a unique support group for women in STEM.

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