SGA Executive Branch 2020

The Student Government Association Executive Branch holds the offices of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These positions help establish the leadership of the student body, the representative council, and student funding.

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Melea Tucker

SGA President

My name is Melea K. Tucker, I am entering my senior year majoring in Global Security and Intelligence Studies. Throughout campus life, I have been a part of the Eagle Strike Club (AFROTC Honor Corps), Black Student Alliance (BSA), and the Board of Campus Activities (BCA). These unique and diverse clubs allow me to see the broad culture of our campus. Most of all through this job I take no greater sense of satisfaction when it comes to serving the student body. SGA has been my life beyond school. I am beyond humbled to be in this position today to represent our Prescott Campus as your SGA President.


Timmy Casnellie

SGA Vice-President

My name is Timmy Casnellie. I’m from Fleming Island, Florida, and decided to travel to Embry-Riddle Prescott to study Global Security and Intelligence Studies. I have spent the last three years in Prescott and now going into my senior year! I have been apart of Chi Alpha, Global Affairs Club, and working at Scholars Cafe in the library. I can’t wait to spend my last year serving as the Vice-President of SGA. I can’t wait to see what we achieve; however, we can’t do it without you. Reach out to me if you have any ideas or ways we can better serve you!

Allyson Campbell

SGA Secretary

Hi guys! My name is Allyson Campbell, but you can call me Ally, and I’m a Global Security and Intelligence Studies major; however, you may see me at working at the Hazy Library! As your secretary for this upcoming year, I plan to get more students involved, more updates and information on what is occurring on campus. This way SGA can hear the students voice more, and make it more active communication flow within the student body. I am honored  to serve the student body, and I cant wait to see what you see we have in store for the students this school year.


Hunter Langemo

SGA Treasurer

Hey everyone! My name is Hunter Langemo, and I’m originally from Olympia, Washington. However, I’m glad to be Prescott because I am not a fan of the rain! I’m a Sophomore double majoring in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, on the Astronautics and Propulsion tracks. Around campus, I have been a part of the Honors Program, RDL, EagleSAT, Silver Wings, and Toastmasters. I love riding and racing dirt bikes as well as fishing, shooting, hiking, and working out in the gym. I am thrilled to serve as YOUR SGA Treasurer this year. I plan to bring a ton of positive change to the council, Budget Committee, and ERAU community as a whole for this year, and hopefully years to come as well! Please reach out to me with any questions about SGA, budget stuff, Food Service, the athletic department, or anything else, even if it’s just ‘what’s your favorite dinner?