Who Are We?


Dating back to 1978 - 1979 when Embry-Riddle Prescott emerged in the pines of northern Arizona, also emerged its first SGA. Since then, SGA has been dedicated to serving its students, and upholding the traditional values upon which this organization was founded upon.


Our Mission

The ERAU Prescott SGA is the official representative of students in University policy-making and administration.


From the President of our SGA to our Representatives, we here at ERAU Prescott strive for excellence and are dedicated to helping our students. It is with much pride that we go to work every day to properly advocate for student voices to higher administration.



To the oath that we take to every meeting that we hold, each member in our SGA has publically sworn to uphold the values of our organization. Even when times are unclear, the SGA is the epicenter of our great body. We faithfully and diligently serve our roles and live by the oath we took since our terms began in office.


No matter the odds we may face here at SGA, we will always advocate for your voice. We have the ambition to advocate for student issues, and are always willing to hear student concerns. Please know that we are here for you, the students of ERAU. Our offices are always open and we are somewhere on campus, ready to hear what we can do to help you.