SGA Representative Branch 2020

The Student Government Association Representative Branch holds positions to represent each interior college of ERAU Prescott. This branch represents the legislative majority of the Student Government, by voting on actions, issues, and affairs.


Ashley Carlson

SGA College of Aviation Representative


My name is Ashley Carlson. I am originally from Washington state. I am going into my third year of studying Aeronautical Science here at Embry-Riddle. I am super excited to represent the students at this school. I can't wait to continue to make student voices heard and push for new things students want to see!

James Bass

SGA College of Engineering Representative


My name is James Bass, I go by J.R., and I'm from San Antonio, Texas. I'm currently a Sophomore studying Aerospace Engineering. Outside of class, I'm an active member of Pi Kappa Phi, the EagleSat team, and soccer club. I'm incredibly excited to be College of Engineering Rep and improve ERAU as much as I can. If you ever have any suggestions or questions for me please feel free to make your voice heard!


Grace Tevaseu

SGA College of Security and Intelligence Representative


Hello! My name is Grace Tevaseu. I am a rising Junior, double majoring in Cyber Intelligence & Security and Global Security & Intelligence Studies. In Prescott, I enjoy many outdoorsy activities, like hiking, kayaking, and falling off rocks. I am excited to return for another semester in the Fall and be the CSI Representative for the student body.


Ryan Dittes

SGA College of Arts and Science Representative


My name is Ryan Dittes and I originate from Elko, a small town in Northeastern Nevada. I’m here at ERAU studying Aviation Business Administration for the passed two years. In my time here at Riddle I have been part of Pi Kappa Phi, an Orientation Leader, and now SGA! I’m very excited to be the Representative of the College of Arts and Sciences. I look forward to what we all can achieve together! That being said, if you have any ideas or ways, we can serve you better, don’t hesitate to ask. Reach out and we can make all make Embry-Riddle that much better!

Jacob Tibi

SGA Graduate Representative


I'm Jacob Alexandre Tibi, and I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainability from Arizona State University and a Master of Global Management from Thunderbird. I’m currently pursuing a Master of Science in Cyber Security at Riddle and serve as a teachers assistant for Python Programming and Cyber Security Intro Classes. In my spare time, I like to run my XKR through beautiful Arizona mountain grades and am passionate about everything to do with hockey. I'm excited to see what this year in SGA holds for me.

Maximiliano Robles

SGA Representative-at-Large


Hello, my name is Maximiliano Robles (no worries, Max works too). I’m originally from the town of Bethlehem, PA, but growing up I lived in Santiago, Chile, and Tucson, AZ. I am a huge golfer and I love to watch soccer. Last fall I started at Riddle to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering - Robotics. So far, my main ways to be involved on campus have been through Pi Kappa Phi, one of the fraternities on campus and by competing in inter murals. I am excited to spend this year serving as your SGA Representative-at-Large and cannot wait to see all the projects we will work on to make our campus as good as it can be! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns and suggestions or, even if you just want to go play a round of golf!

Grant Carrabine

SGA Representative-at-Large


Hey, my name is Grant Carrabine and I am one of your representatives at large. I am a Junior studying mechanical engineering on the propulsion track. I grew up in the great state of Texas and have lived in Houston for most of my life. I am excited for what this next year holds and look forward to meeting and seeing everyone this fall.